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It doesn’t matter to us whether or not your required component is already completely defined, we’ll be there to help you right from the start. We build prototypes, come up with designs and improvements, and even support you with everything that comes after the final production of your component.

When we say we, we are of course referring to the Fetscher Group, which is made up of the companies Fetscher GmbH and Gohard GmbH. Fetscher is the wire bending technology specialist, while Gohard is the expert in spring technology, making for the perfect partnership.

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Fetscher: The wire bending specialist

A family business in its fourth generation

Georg used to work in a hardware shop. He had a good income and a strong wife by his side in Emma, who came from a wealthy family. But Georg wasn’t content to be just another cog in the machine forever; his entrepreneurial spirit was stirring inside him. So, in 1895, he resigned from his position at the hardware shop and started producing wire bottle stoppers.

Georg had a son named Walter, who had his sights set even higher when he took over the company in 1920. If one thing was clear to him, it was that we needed more space and we needed more machinery. This was how the company ended up expanding into its new premises, asserting its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality wire swing stoppers. Fetscher became the go-to company. There wasn’t a formal quote to be seen, as a handshake was considered binding enough among businessmen. In fact, it is this honesty and reliability that the Fetscher name stood for all those years ago that continues to represent the fundamental values of our company to this day.

Walter’s sons Hans and Werner joined the company in 1963. Investments were made in production technologies with a view to opening up new markets. Meanwhile, bending parts and spring clips made of wire and strip material were also supplied to many different industries and markets.

Clearly, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and continuing the legacy of my great grandfather was something that appealed to me, Hans' son Johannes, from an early age. I have represented the fourth generation of our family since 2002 and have headed up the company since 2013.

The global financial crisis in 2008/2009 proved to be a real acid test for both my father Hans and me. We couldn’t escape the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty, but we took a risk and invested. We had to take our chances for our employees, for our customers and for the generations before us who had always struggled with setbacks. We built a new facility on the green piece of land we had bought in 2010, which offered plenty of space for new and existing technologies.

Ten years later, the family is continuing to grow. In fact, one of the company’s long-standing relationships has now blossomed into something bigger and better than ever before: in 2019, Georg Fetscher Flaschenverschlussfabrik GmbH & Co. successfully took over the company Gohard Federnfabrik Gebr. Libuda GmbH from Villingen-Schwenningen to extend its portfolio to include technical springs.

Today, the company is known by its new name: the Fetscher Group. The wire bending specialist Georg Fetscher Flaschenverschlussfabrik GmbH & Co. has become Fetscher GmbH, while the spring technology specialist Gohard Federnfabrik Gebr. Libuda GmbH has become Gohard GmbH. Working together under the Fetscher Group umbrella, we represent a strong team for stamping/bending parts, wire and strip fasteners, and technical springs.

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Gohard: the spring specialist

What did an oven have to do with it?

Gottlieb and Gerhard Libuda were brothers. Their dream was to manufacture springs since the clockmaking industry in Schwenningen meant the demand for springs was through the roof. When the time came to come up with a name for their company in 1969, both men wanted to be involved – and quite literally, too. By combining both of their first names, GOttlieb and GerHARD became Gohard.

But what does baking have to do with springs? Very little, to be honest, except for the fact that an old bakery was home to the first ever Gohard production facility. Piece by piece, the huge brick oven was taken down to make sure there was enough space to do any work at all. As they say, entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds.
It took no time at all for Gohard to establish a reputation for high-quality technical springs and start to grow. But they needed more space. This prompted the company to relocate to new premises after just six years in business.

In the mid-1990s, Gottlieb’s son Siegfried Libuda took over the company. Its customer base continued to grow, as did the fleet of machinery. Today, Gohard’s original product range of technical springs has been expanded to include precision stamp-bending parts.

2019 shaped up to be an exciting year for Gohard, as it became part of a new family. The companies Gohard and Fetscher had enjoyed an excellent business relationship for many years, and it soon became clear that they complemented each other perfectly. Before long, Georg Fetscher Flaschenverschlussfabrik GmbH & Co. from Freudenstadt had taken over Gohard Gebr. Libuda GmbH from Schwenningen. As of 2020, they joined forces to become the Fetscher Group, whose product portfolio of bending/stamp-bending parts, springs and fasteners made of wire and strip material has virtually every area of forming technology covered.

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